Build Your Custom Hat

Book an appointment to come in store to be fitted or call/text us at (254)-754-4287 to place an order online.

When it comes to hat style, the options are endless. From fedoras to western, you can choose your brim width up to 5", your crown height, and then it will be all shaped by hand to your specifications to fit you and your style. Your hat should be unique to your personality, and we strive to make you YOUR hat.  

Included in the price is the Fur Hat Body, Lambskin Sweatband, Silk LinerGrosgrain Ribbon Hatband and hat shaping, all other add-ons are NOT included in the price of a custom felt hat.


1. Fur Quality

  • All fur qualities come in all colors with the exception of "Natural" which is only available in the Beaver Blend or higher qualities and "Willow" which is only available in 100% Pure Beaver
  • Genuine Rabbit Fur Felt Hat  $405 +tax
  • Genuine Special Shag Felt Hat  $450 +tax 
    • Only available in black, chocolate, silver belly and charcoal
  • Genuine Beaver Blend Felt Hat  $580 +tax
  • Genuine Pure Beaver Felt Hat  $880 +tax
  • Genuine Pure Beaver Belly Felt Hat  $1410 +tax 
  • Genuine Chinchilla/Beaver Blend Felt Hat  $2575 +tax 

2. Color

3. Silk Hat Liner

  • Silk hat liner sewn into the inside of the hat to protect the felt from sweat and body oils
  • Made from silk, a natural breathable fabric

4. Lambskin Sweatband 

  • Lambskin sweatband sewn into the inside of the hat crown for ultimate fit and comfort
  • Guards against sweat damage
  • Stamped with your name in gold leaf for custom orders


4. SHW Hatband

  • Our Grosgrain Ribbon and Corded Ribbon Hatbands can be tied in numerous ways. Our bow styles include:


    Optional Add-Ons 

    Bound Edge Brim: $40
    • A half-inch grosgrain ribbon sewn onto the outer edge of the brim offered in a variety of colors.
    Pencil Rolled Brim: $40
    • A curved edge on the brim of your hat.
    Small Feathers: $15
    • We offer a large variety of small feathers to be stitched onto your hat.
    Large Feathers: $25
    • We offer a large variety of large feathers to be stitched onto your hat.
    Eyelets: $15
    • Small metal circles inserted into the crown of the hat for ventilation and/or decorative purposes. We offer a variety of colors.
    Distressing: $75
    • Distressing of the hat is done in order to make the hat look worn and aged. The heavier the distressing, the more worn it looks. 
    Embroidery: $50/hour
    • Decorative designs of your choice with hand needlework.
    Branding: $50/hour
    • Decorative designs of your choice burned into the hat.