Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to make my full custom hat after I place an order? 
    • We typically say a custom felt hat order is about a three-month process. Everything we do is done by hand in our Waco store, one by one, so it takes some time to make sure that we can get a custom hat to our standard before the customer receives it. 
    Do you carry other brands within your store? 
    • No. We only carry Standard Hat Works. 
    Can you buy a felt or straw on the same day?
    • Yes. We offer Silver Belly, Natural, and Black felt hats in our Beaver Blend and Pure Beaver fur qualities that can be purchased in store, same day. Throughout straw hat season, we offer a large range of sizes from 6 ¾ up to an 8 and brim sizes ranging from 3” to 5”. All of our straw hats start off with an open crown and flat brim so that they can be shaped based on the customers preferences.  
    Do you guys offer a payment plan? 
    • No, we require full payment upfront. 
    If we bring in another company’s hat, are you able to work on it?
    • Yes. For felt hats, we can work on any hat as long as it is some type of fur hat body. For straw hats, we can shape them if they come in with an open crown and flat brim. We can adjust already shaped straws, depending on the current state of the hat.  See all hat services here.
    Are you able to change the shape of a hat once we purchase it?
    • We can change the shape of the crown and brim of a felt hat even though it is currently shaped! If you are wanting a straw to be re-shaped, we can only make so many adjustments due to the material of the hat. 
    Can you re-size my hat to fit better?
    • Yes. We offer a “Full Renovation” service where we will make your felt hat the new hat size you are so you do not have to worry about it going back to its original size. Whether we need to make it smaller or larger, we can renovate it. We are able to stretch a hat but we do often see that it will go back to its original size, so we do not recommend it.
    Do you accept trade-ins?
    • No, we do not.
    If we are unable to come in and get fitted for a custom hat, can we still order one? 
    • Absolutely! We help customers from all over the world get a hat that they will love! If you are interested in purchasing a hat, we recommend emailing us at and we can assist you from there!
    Do you ship?
    • Yes. We ship within the United States and internationally.
    Can you clean a straw hat? 
    • No, we can not clean a straw hat.  
    Are appointments needed? 
    • They are highly recommended but are not required. You can book an appointment below.

    Can you re-shape straw hats?

    • We cannot re-shape the crown of a straw hat. We may be able to do some shaping to the brim. 


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